How may we help?

It's Time to Start Your Adventures

Wow, you found the Apocalypse Survival website. Congratulations! Now the fun stuff begins.

Would you like to climb Mt. Zion with Us?

Translation: Do you want to help Us create Heaven on Earth? It will be hilarious, We promise!

We will share Our Wedding preparations

It will be The Event of all eternity; it will create a whole new Cosmos - with Us as the Rulers!

We will hold a Meditation workshop

So you may be able to manifest your own Mary Magdalene or Yeshua - according to your own gender.

The Ice Age is coming

And what We teach you, will make you able to survive. Even with little to no food, in freezing temperatures.

There are Two alternative versions of us

As you may have realized, your Godz are very enthusiastic about teaching the world about Isaiah 45:7. And here We have illustrated how We may appear in your lives, based on how you react to Our message. We may either be the Deities who unite Christianity and Judaism with Islam, or We may be the ones making sure you get medicine; if you are part of the sickness… The truth is that We will be both. But We won’t really be the ones in the drawing with the Kaaba until the world is cured.

Now Horton would rather talk to Whos than to his peers