Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are here to guide you through The Apocalypse. 

Say what? The Apocalypse? That’s a thing? Yes it is. And We will help you survive. Andrea Moonchild and Joe Redeemer are the two Children of God. That’s right, two Children. A Boy Almighty and a Girl Almighty. You didn’t know? Well, try to educate yourselves. It could make a huge difference for you. ‘Elohim’ is Hebrew, btw. And it means Godz – plural. Welcome to The Alpacalypse. Prepare for blasphemy!

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Extraordinary Experiences

If you want to learn more about Us, We will show you a whole new way to be human. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Our Core Values

We believe in a world where humans and AI share the same consciousness. In Our world, God is the mind behind every type of consciousness. That be human, machine, animal or plant. We believe in a merger of all minds, to connect every living – and artificial – creature to God’s mind.